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Dhahran Saudi Arabia



  • Tamayouz is a fundamental program that assists students in joining some of the best institutions globally.

  •  It is one of the only programs in the middle east that has derived concrete data from actual results.

  • The ESSENTIALITY of enrolling in this program cannot be stressed enough if you are aiming to join a prestigious/elite college.

  • Joining such colleges is not an easy task, but with the helping hand of the directors of this program, you are given the ability to propel forward and achieve goals you never thought you'd conceive.

  • We truly lament the fact that we have not been exposed to this program years back, but seeing how we have acknowledged the true value of it now, we urge you to join it along with Mawhiba in order to maximize the opportunities that will surely change you life.

To read more about Tamayuz:https://www.mawhiba.org/Ar/programs/ExcellenceProgram/Pages/default.aspx